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ALT  2013El acceso a la comunicación acerca a las comunidades, especialmente aquellas que la distancia requiere de estos nuevos mecanismos de interacción, dinámicos, directos, certeros… esa es la Misión que ICONO y Alta Corporativo depositan en ICONO Comunicaciones. Una idea que se pone en marcha a quince años de evolucionar, mecanismos interactivos. Esta es una visión compartida de Alvaro López quien ha incursionado por años con las entidades que conforman nuestra frontera.

Access to communication about the communities, especially those that the distance required of these new mechanisms of interaction, dynamic, direct, accurate … That is the mission that ICONO and ICON High Corporate Communications deposited. An idea starts to fifteen years to evolve, interactive mechanisms. This is a view shared by Alvaro Lopez, who has dabbled for years with the entities that make our border.

ICONO Communications , a subsidiary of Grupo Editorial Alta Corporate developers MKT & PR. ICONO & Links concepts and connectivity Interactive Platforms Mexico , ventures into international markets go alongside Mexican province markets simultaneously. A combination of technology, journalism and social promotion in social networks themselves inside and outside the network .

The need for promotion and dissemination of people , concepts , business, taking advantage of access to information, coupled with the technology of mobile devices, gadgets and new products intercom and entertainment requires a ‘ structured platform ICONO & Communications achieved with a job development of 10 years. Alvaro Lopez ICONO Editor in chief coordinator and visionary of these platforms with solid steps forward in these self-promotion schemes now open to society. At the end of 2013 ICONO platform is exploring issues BLOGS configured between virtual , digital and social media schemes in mechanisms that allow a person in Los Angeles California USA be in permanent connection with another character in Tonala Jalisco, and Mexico City in simultaneously.

Gone are the days of the links only for indicative banners on websites ( largely obsolete ) now displaced by social networking first historical mechanisms also now overcome as was the Messanger and now Twitter which has a fierce competition with WhatsApp and Facebook . com migrating into infinite forms that create mazes Fanpages for users and operators of the “networking job .”

011 19 2013 ICONO Visión Integral


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